The famous white, red and blue signature colours is what comes to mind when you think Tommy hilfiger. The relationship between Hilfiger and Hip Hop was introduced when rapper Grand Puba lyrically made a shout out to Hilfiger in Mary J Blige's song “What's the 411” rhyming the words

“Well, I be Puba on this here/The n!@#a from last year Girbaud hanging baggy/Tommy Hilfiger top gear”.  

When the early 1990s came around the world of hip hop grasped the style of over sized Tommy Hilfiger threads and urban kids all over were wearing the bold white, red and blue in all ways.

The hip hop culture blossomed in the late 80s and throughout the 90s as OGs everywhere were representing the Hilfiger brand and becoming the faces of it. Their is not just one iconic time where celebrities and rap legends have been seen in Tommy and even today their is still a admiration for Hilfiger.  

92 - Grand Puba w/ designer Tommy Hilfiger 

93 - Aliyah Campaign for Hilfiger 

94 - Snoop Lion (Dogg) Wearing Hilfiger for his Saturday Night Live Performance 

95 - TLC at the kids choice awards 

96 - Naughty By Nature performing at Tommy Hilfiger's LFW show 

98 - Destiny's child rocking red, white and blue at Tommy's macys show



Author/Collage: Lois Byrne

Images: Complex Mag, Google 

Video: Youtube


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